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A Closer Bond Vet Telehealth

A Closer Bond Vet Telehealth provides real-time access to certified and experienced veterinarians via real-time video chat or text messaging 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere.

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Why Vet Telehealth?

Our mission is simple. Keep pets happier and healthier by providing pet parents access to veterinarians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All veterinarians come with a minimum of 5 years of experience.

Learn more about A Closer Bond Vet Telehealth by selecting any item below to view complete details.

A Closer Bond Vet Telehealth offers a quick, simple and affordable package that provides pet parents access to experienced veterinarians wherever they are and whenever they need. This package gives you unlimited advice and information for your well-deserved pets to contact a vet anytime. And includes an emergency fund up to $1500 when you need it most.

Included in Your Membership Subscription?

  • Unlimited experienced and certified vet support through texting, video calling, uploading videos and pictures of your pet
  • Unlimited 24/7 vet triage support
  • FREE video library for medical concerns and questions
  • Covers up to 6 pets (dogs/cats) in the same household
  • Medical Emergency Fund if applicable with one year membership commitment for one occurrence per membership year

Our Web App

Whether it is midnight or midday, weekend or holiday, an experienced licensed veterinarian will be connected to LIVE video chat with you in seconds. This provides you peace of mind knowing you are empowered for your pet's well-being.

  • Get advice on all things pet-related (medical, behavioral, nutritional)
  • Help determine the urgency of concerns (emergency vs. non-emergency)

A Closer Bond Vet Telehealth is easy to use.

Just click on the Sign Up button below to register yourself and up to 6 pets. Once Sign Up is complete, you can immediately connect to one of our experienced, licensed Veterinarians for any concerns you have with your pet(s). They are available 24/7 by selecting the Video Call or Text a Vet icon on our Web App.

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Video Chat with a Vet

You can video conference with a Vet about any concerns you may have regarding your pet's health, 24/7 unlimited access.

Text a Vet

Text a Vet to discuss an issue, 24/7 unlimited access.

A Closer Bond Emergency Fund

Become a member of A Closer Bond Emergency Fund for peace of mind. We will cover up to $1,500 towards an unexpected emergency Vet bill if your pet needs life-saving medical care.

It's a month-to-month yearly subscription plan for pet parents in the case that their pet needs life-saving veterinary care. It's a one-time a year medical emergency fund up to $1,500. This is paid directly to a registered vet clinic chosen by the pet parents at the time of the emergency.

More than Pet Insurance

Think of it as a pet insurance alternative without a high deductible or copay. These are some of the other benefits compared to traditional pet insurance options:

  • A Closer Bond's Emergency Fund can provide coverage to any 6 pets (cats or dogs)
  • No qualifying or credit checks
  • No out-of-pocket payments
  • Quick and Easy sign up immediately through the Web App
  • 24/7 unlimited access to a licensed and experienced Vet
  • Vet bill is paid immediately to the Vet clinic of your choice at the time of emergency
  • No restrictions by breed, age or location

A Closer Bond's Emergency Fund Fee.
Our fee is only US $19.95 per month for a 1-year commitment in order to access the Emergency Funds.

How to Qualify & Obtain the Emergency Fund

  • Emergency funds become available after the required 14-day waiting period from the date of registration based on the package you purchased.
  • The A Closer Bond Telehealth Veterinarian MUST BE CONTACTED (via phone call, video chat, text recorded video) prior to taking your pet to a veterinarian or emergency clinic, and an emergency approval verification received to be eligible for emergency funds.
  • The pet must be seen by a vet clinic or hospital of your choice within 4 hours of A Closer Bond's Telehealth Veterinarian designating the pet's issue as an emergency.
  • Emergency funds may only be used once annually. Should emergency services total less than $1500, balances are forfeited until the next subscription period.
  • If the remaining yearly membership fee has not been paid, then the remaining yearly membership fee will be deducted from $1500.

IMPORTANT **Please read the  Emergency Fund Membership Guidelines  for more details.**

In order to determine the emergency, you are required to video call or provide a video recording of your pet at the time of speaking to our veterinary professionals.

Ultimately, it is at the discretion of a A Closer Bond veterinarian to determine if a pet qualifies or is eligible for the available emergency funds.

Our veterinarians will classify each pet issue into one of the following categories:

  • EMERGENCY: The pet is in an immediate, life-threatening situation. It is recommended you immediately travel with your pet to the nearest vet hospital or clinic. This is the only category that activates the emergency fund. Pets must arrive at the vet clinic or hospital within 4 hours of a declared pet emergency.
  • CRITICAL: The pet's health is severely compromised. It is recommended pet parents make the earliest veterinarian appointment available. We highly recommend the pet be seen within 24 hours.
  • URGENT: The pet's health is moderately compromised. We recommend pet parents schedule an appointment with their vet clinic within 3 days.
  • NON-URGENT: The pet's health is not compromised. Pet parents can determine if they prefer to wait until your next regular vet visit to further explore the issue.

Don't worry. When an emergency is declared, customers will receive an email that includes instructions on how customers should proceed, as well as an emergency fund approval verification for customers to provide to A Closer Bond Customer Service. There is no waiting for payments. A Closer Bond will handle the direct payments for you.

You can go to any vet clinic of your choice, it does not need to be an emergency clinic.

When you arrive at the clinic, you should admit your pet for care. At certain clinics, you may be asked for a deposit upfront, which clinic will be reimbursed by the end of your visit if applicable.

After you receive the final invoice, you should ask the receptionist or vet technician to send a picture or pdf of the invoice to, please call 1-833-351-8987.

After our review, we will provide payment up to $1,500 for your vet bill, including a deposit left upon arrival if applicable. This is paid directly to the clinic. We do not reimburse anything to you, we only provide payment directly to the clinic.

The emergency fund will not cover additional costs associated with euthanasia, such as cremation or memorabilia.

After your emergency fund payout, your remaining month's membership fee would have been paid up for the rest of your current membership year. Therefore, you will have no monthly subscription fee for the rest of the current membership year. Once the new membership year begins, your monthly membership subscription will start again and charge to your credit card on file.

Please note: we do not cover deposits at the beginning of the visit but you will be reimbursed when we finalize the vet bill.

Once the invoice is paid, you're free to leave with your pet

We wish your pet a speedy recovery.

Who is eligible?

Anyone 18 years of age or older.

Can I access my emergency fund before the 14-day wait period?

There is a mandatory grace period before getting access to the Emergency funds if the package you purchased requires you to wait for a grace period. This is mandatory no exceptions.

I have several pets, does it cost the same for multiple pets?

Members can register up to 6 pets under a single membership.

How long does it take to connect with a vet?

Connecting will take anywhere from 30 secs up to 1 minute. Please be patient and don't hang up. If one of our Vets is helping someone else, there will be a message stating the Vet is unavailable. Then you can text or call back in a minute. This is rare but it might happen on odd occasions.

Can we use this anywhere in the world?

Yes! Our Web App is accessible worldwide as long as you have a network or WiFi access with a minimum bandwidth speed of 1.25 MB and up.

The video is blurry, how do I get a clearer image?

Video chatting requires a faster processor and good WiFi or network connection. If you are experiencing difficulty, it is most likely your connection. We encourage you to ensure you have an adequate connection for the best results when using A Closer Bond Service.

Are your vets licensed?

All of our vets are licensed with at least 5 years of experience.

Are there any extra costs if I use the app outside of the initial fee?

No. Once you have selected your payment option there are no additional fees.

Do your vets prescribe medication?

No. Our vets don't prescribe medication. However, our vets will assess your pet's situation and recommend over the counter medication and/or natural remedies to help your pet feel better and provide instruction on what and how to monitor your pet.

How do customers contact support?

Customers can contact support by clicking on the support screen, and then contacting support via the phone number provided, or by sending an email message within the support page of the website.

Can I cancel the service?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Please see our cancellation policy for more information.

Do customers receive a partial refund if they cancel mid-month?

No. Once a customer's credit card is charged, there will be no refund for mid-month cancellations, however, customers will still have unlimited vet telehealth access until their paid subscription expires.

When are monthly subscription payments processed?

Customers are charged monthly. They are charged each month on the day of the month that corresponds with the original sign-up date (i.e., the 15th day of each month).

Do I still have unlimited access to call/chat with a Vet 24/7 after Emergency Fund Payout?

Yes, you will have all the same access other than the Emergency fund for the remaining membership year.

Emergency fund will become available once your new membership year starts again.

Does the emergency fund cover emergencies associated with breeding or pregnancy issues?

Any emergency associated with breeding or pregnancy is not covered under the emergency funding


Phone: 847-358-7312 ext 1

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm CST
Saturday: 9am - 12pm CST

Need help signing up?

Call our technical support team at 1-833-351-8987

*This support number is ONLY for technical or IT-related requests pertaining to the software. For help using the web app to connect with an experienced Veterinarian, please use the contact information above.

Credit card holder's account is automatically charged on the same date as the original transaction date on each corresponding month. Member must initiate the cancellation prior to credit card transaction charge date to cancel the membership without been charged. Membership subscription fees are non-refundable.

The only valid method for cancelling your membership is to login to A Closer Bond service and go to Membership page and click the "Cancel Membership" button Once you cancel your membership subscription, you will not lose access immediately. Your membership will continue through the end of your current charge cycle.


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