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Why our clients Love us!

Steve A.

It is so easy to write a review for A Closer Bond. In a few words, they are simply the best. My dogs have loved going there 18 years for boarding, training, day care and grooming. The staff is the best and their activities and service is outstanding. Would never consider another facility.

Gale T.

Our dog has been coming to A Closer Bond for over 7 years!  We could not be happier with his treatment and exercise that he gets there twice a week.  If we didn’t live in way out Woodstock, we would be there daily! Rachel and Jim in the office have been very kind, friendly and understanding of our many situations….mostly living way out in far suburbs!  They both go above and beyond being friendly and helpful  when I’m running for a train downtown or if a train is sometimes delayed!!  I really do count on them!! Mitch, Courtney, Mackenzie, Taylor, Rachel and many others (I am so sorry if I have missed anyone!) continue to treat Walter with respect as they work with him, welcome him & cater to his needs.  We couldn’t be more pleased with A Closer Bond in Palatine, IL.  THANK YOU!!

Marcia F.

Over a year ago I rescued a dog with lots of energy and absolutely no training. A Closer Bond helped me give her boundaries while still providing lots of classes to harness her energy. She is now a wonderful dog who loves both her day care and classes. One of the classes that helped her a lot was the distraction class as she was quite unfocused. All of the people at A Closer Bond enjoy their jobs and always make my dog feel welcome.

Mark S.

I have been taking my two Sheltie puppies to A Closer Bond for the past 10 months and they have been Amazing. From Socialization to training commands, their trainers, in my opinion are second to none. I have raised this breed several times before, but with A Closer Bond's assistance these pups are better trained at 1 year old than any of my past dogs. BTW raising two puppies at one time is more than double the work (or Fun) and I would not recommended it for the faint of heart, but A Closer Bond gave me the assistance to make sure I have two well behaved members of my home.

Todd & Beth S.

Words can’t even begin to describe how grateful we are. We adopted a rescued AmStaff (pit bull) who was overbred and abused for her first three years, but is the sweetest dog ever. We did the 2-week on-leash training with her to start, and it was great to have a language to speak to her in. We have done the off-leash and are about to complete therapy training. On top of that, because our Mojave needs a little support learning that she can play with dogs and doesn’t have to worry about being violently mated with them without so much as dinner and a movie, they have been wonderful working on playgroups and other socialization efforts. They’re always looking out for her well-being, giving us pointers and feedback about her care and interaction with her. Lauren, Alex, Kevin, Linda, and each and every one of the staff clearly cares for Mo and love on her constantly. They’re simply awesome.

Haley H.

We’ve always had pure bred dogs and have never boarded them. Boarding has always been a scary thing to me. We rescued Blue, our hound mix, in October and we were his fifth home. Blue, is 130lbs and desperately needed a lot of guidance. We are in love with him and desperately would do anything for him. We had already spent close to $1k on training when we heard about Closer Bond. We met with Our trainer, Lauren as a consultation and she was wonderful! It still took me a few weeks and many phone calls win Closer Bond until I was convinced to send Blue for the two week training course. When we dropped him off, it was so hard. I called the girls every day and Lauren ALWAYS returned my phone call with a full update. I can’t begin to say enough great things about the staff and facility of a Closer Bond. Blue has come a much better behaved dog then we could have ever hoped for. Besides using the basic commandments (sit, stay), he is actually responding when we have to reprimand him for chasing the cats, jumping on the sofas, or even having guests over.We will be sending Blue back for the off leash training, soon, and when we leave the country in May, we’re going to send him for the week of the retrieval program. I have never been more confident in leaving our animals with the staff of a Closer Bond and would recommend to anyone!!

Stephanie L.

“GREATEST PLACE...OTHER THAN OUR COUCH, FOR RUBY!! We have been bringing our 2 year old chocolate lab here since she was 8 weeks old.  The training (for her and us) is outstanding.  Ruby goes to day care three times a week and would go the other four days if she could uber herself there.  Seriously, the staff here are the best!”

Chuck D.

“My dogs love going here. They are all so happy when I drop them off. It's like a kid in a candy store but for dogs. And I love all the awesome photos from the dogs.”

Kevin L.

“Clean and friendly facility. I got to know much of the staff there and everybody was extremely friendly and accommodating. I definitely recommend using them.”

Carol A.

“This place is THE BEST!!!  My Golden wants to be with them more than me!! They made Goldie feel like part of the family. Thank goodness I can travel and be worry free!!!! See you soon!!!! Carol & Goldie”

Andre C.

“Awesome place! Awesome people! Awesome obedience training!!!”

Christine H.

“We puppy trained and boarded our dog at A Closer Bond. The staff was always professional and helpful. When we bordered our dog there, she came home happy and healthy. I'm beyond happy with their services and care. I can highly recommend them to any family who loves their dog!!”

Mark S.

“This place has excellent trainers who really care.”

Linda K.

“Great place for you and your dog to learn life manners. They also have classes for the kids to learn how to treat their dog and other dogs. A win win for everyone.”

Dawn F.

“So clean. Great with both our dogs.”

Mary S.

Katy trained my collie-mix Candy back in 1996 and Candy was perfectly behaved until her passing in 2008. I have brought all of my other dogs to Closer Bond for training, day care and boarding.  I have consulted with Katy and her staff when I had any canine behavior problem and they have offered reasonable solutions. I have recommended this facilities to family members, friends and even my dentist.

John M.

Great people, great trainers, great facility.  We took our dog here for a 3 week board and train and they did a fantastic job with him!   They have been great on follow ups and their customer service is 5stars too. Highly recommend for all of their services!

Anne C.

Katy and team have trained both of my dogs in the past 7 years - the first who was a bully, alpha female that PetSmart trainers said would be a problem dog, and the second who we rescued two years ago - a timid, abused airedale terrier.  Both are now delightful family members.  Why go through life with a dog that you can't take anywhere because they jump on people, are aggressive with either people or other dogs, or pull on the leash. Make the most of your pet!!!

Barb S.

We've had our dog Mario trained at A Closer Bond, we board him there, and he has been to their doggie day care.  We love the staff, they know their stuff.  We couldn't be happier with the training Mario received, and he loves, loves going there for boarding and daycare. Would recommend!

Amy S.

Our 6 month old chocolate lab completed the two week residential training program a few weeks ago.  We are so impressed with how well Lauren and the staff have worked with our very energetic, verbal little pup!  Our family and friends are very impressed with the skills he has already attained at such a young age! We are so glad to have found A Closer Bond and have a community who cherishes the bond between dogs and owners!

Barb L.

We love A Closer Bond. The staff is always very personable and professional. It is clear that they love working with the dogs. We are very impressed with how well our puppy has learned his commands, and how that really helped calm him down at home. We are now doing the follow up distraction classes, where the staff continues to help us train. Every time we walk in there, whether it is for class, or doggy daycare, our dog just loves it, and they love him. It is a nice feeling that he is treated as if he was one of their own.

Becky A.

We just started taking our 9 month old dog to a Closer Bond for kenneling and day care services. He LOVES going to a Closer Bond to play with the other dogs. He is literally scratching at the door to get in. They take great care of him and his behavior at home has improved as a result.

Amy G.

Awesome training. Great staff. Nice facility. We did the 3 week training and had a new wonderfully behaved dog when we picked him up. I would recommend A Closer Bond to everyone. Your dog will be in good hands.

Kelly O.

I was so excited to try the self-service dog wash at A Closer Bond. What a great way to pamper your pet! It was very convenient and really saved my back! All the staff were extremely friendly and helpful .We will be back ...thank you!

Octayvia R.

When you think of top notch facility this is it - the facility is spotless. The staff is friendly and professional and really truely care about the dogs. The trainers are welcoming and the results are amazing - you can tell that everyone at The Bond puts their heart and soul into what they do! From puppy socializing to dealing with aggression cases The Bond is the only choice for you and your pup.

Kathy S.

We first started attending puppy classes at Closer Bond 3 years ago when my husband and I rescued an 8 week old puppy, Murphy. To say she was a challenge is putting it mildly. Even Katie admitted she would be a challenge. We chose to give Closer Bond a chance. BEST decision ever! Murphy has come such a long way! We have had so many compliments on how well behaved she is! We travel with her and she has been welcomed into the homes of friends and family. She has stayed in hotels, even “boutique” hotels and bed and breakfasts. Everyone is very complimentary of her behavior. I know I owe this to the staff at Closer Bond. She loves to go there for boarding when necessary or for distraction class.

Erin R.

They hosted my dog's birthday party and were fabulous!

Patricia M.

The training is easy and excellently done. We went for the off-leash what a difference in our Bella!

Christine M.

Couldn’t be happier with our training experience with Lauren. Our dog also loves attending distraction classes and is currently boarding at the training center for a week. We know Bella is in the best hands. We also really appreciate Alex’s training with a family member’s dog.

Kristin Y.

Thanks for taking great care of Payton while we were away! She loves it at a closer bond, but is always happy to be home!

Susan H.

We took our 7 month old dog Beau to A Closer Bond for a three week residential training course. He was really struggling to behave and fit in our family and around other dogs before we brought him him. We picked up a well trained and more content dog that we now all enjoy and appreciate. The owner based training that was included us has allowed us to be well equipped and very comfortable with handling and enjoying Beau as well. Plus we have the ability to attend weekly distraction classes that we all (Beau included) enjoy and benefit from. We don’t know what we would have done without A Closer Bond!

Matt W.

We took our dog, Paul to A Closer bond for the three week off leash training. Lauren was his trainer. Paul is six months old now and behaves amazingly. We have been working on off leash walks and he has mastered it. He listens to everything I tell him to do and really wants to work for us. I am amazed on how well they have trained a very hyper puppy without stopping him from still being a puppy and playing when it is time. This past weekend I had my kids playing basketball around him while he just laid in his "place" without being distracted. The price we paid really represented a great value. Additionally, we are allowed to attend future training classes to keep up on his skills.

Erin R.

We have needed daycare unexpectedly on two occasions, first time last fall when our older dog was hospitalized in Madison and recently when we were dealing with construction on our home that made it unsafe to allow our dogs outside. Katy and her staff were so accommodating to last minute requests for daycare and extended our intended time there when my husband's dad was hospitalized on top of it. The nicest part of it was knowing that our two dogs were being well cared for and could not wait to go back. Ozzie slept for two days after being there for 4 days!