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Puppy Training Program

Puppies learn a substantial percentage of their life-long beliefs during the first four months of their life.

Socializing your puppy and teaching them skills during this time period will help to guarantee a strong and lasting relationship for life! A Closer Bond’s exclusive puppy training program gives your pup broad exposure to new people, places, objects, and sounds. Your puppy deserves the best opportunity to learn about the world in a safe, controlled environment in order to develop into a confident and happy adult!

Our puppy training program is for dogs under 18 weeks of age.

Get Started

Included in your Puppy Training Program:

  • 1 Consultation
  • 5 Full days of play and training
  • 3 Saturday classes
  • 1 Follow up evaluation

Saturday classes - 3 days

For dogs under 18 weeks of age


  • 3 group socialization classes
  • Puppy manual and handouts
  • 1 proper chew toy

The first step is to call and set up your private consultation. With our open enrollment policy, you can get started at any time. The group classes start weekly and are held on Saturday mornings.

In your first consultation, we teach you how to solve common puppy problems like play biting and house training, and we also want to focus on your personal goals and concerns based on your puppy’s unique personality.

During the three group classes, you will continue working on developing good behaviors, manners, and social development, as well as get the support you need to stop any unwanted puppy behaviors. We want your puppy to be confident and comfortable around different people, places and objects.

Play and Train - 5 days

Your puppy will engage in daily social play with puppies of their own play-style, temperament, and age while being trained in manners and obedience cues by our staff!

Your pup will come to A Closer Bond five times for a full day of learning, play, and social development. While we encourage doing this program twice a week, you choose which days you want your puppy to attend. The purpose of the package is to provide exposure to a variety of people, places, objects, and sounds. From basic commands, grooming, agility, and proper play with humans to help your puppy grow into a well-mannered dog. All we ask is that you have your pup here by 9AM and pick up after 4PM.

You can add extra days once your pup completes the program. This program is for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months old. Need more days for the puppy training program? Added individual days can be purchased. We guarantee your pup will go home calmer and wiser!

Care You Can Trust Since 1994

Our highly-trained staff and unique approach to training makes A Closer Bond stand ahead of the others. Our staff is certified through Pet Tech Canine CPR, PACCC Petcare Providers, IBPSA, The Dog Gurus, among others.

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