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How do I set up a training evaluation?

Call us at (847) 358-7312, email us at, or contact us through the form on our website on the Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

What should I bring for my training evaluation?

Please bring your dog, yourself, and members of your family that are going to be involved in the training process.

What should I bring when I drop my dog off for training?

  • Completed new client forms (if not already completed)
  • Vaccination Records (if not already turned in)
  • Enough food for their entire stay, pre-bagged individually by meal. (It is always a good idea to pack extra food just in case.)

What will my dog do during the day?

Our overnight care staff arrives at 6:45am and immediately lets the dogs out to go to the bathroom. They are then given breakfast, and a little bit of time to digest their food. They go out again, then the real fun begins! They are trained multiple times a day for about half an hour for each session. In between training sessions, they are given potty breaks, playtime, or time to nap and recharge.

Will my dog learn to be obedient?

Not only do we train your dog, we teach you the skills and techniques to be that quality leader in your dog's life! We know your dog can learn commands when the correct approach is used for your dog's personality. Evaluations help us determine the best approach for you and your dog and determines which program will be most effective.

Will my dog listen to me after a residency program?

Yes! We focus on the big picture - everyday commands for real life situations including training at home. Once we train a dog to obey commands, they never forget what they mean. Our extensive and thorough follow up lessons give you the necessary skills and understanding of how to handle your trained dog anywhere you go. We are also available to answer your questions whenever you need help!

Do you sell trained dogs?

Yes! We take great pride in our K9 Connections program which takes in qualified dogs in need of good homes. Dogs are trained based on their personality and given any necessary medical attention. Please call for more information.

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Our highly-trained staff and unique approach to training makes A Closer Bond stand ahead of the others. Our staff is certified through Pet Tech Canine CPR, PACCC Petcare Providers, IBPSA, The Dog Gurus, among others.

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