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Overnight Care

What are the hours for pick-up and drop-off?

We are open Monday-Friday 7am-7pm & Saturday 7am-12pm. You can drop off anytime during these hours, but we do suggest dropping off by 3pm to ensure your pup has proper time to acclimate, relax, play, have dinner and release some more energy before bedtime.

Pickup is before 10am Monday - Friday. If you need to pick up after 10am there will be an additional half-day charge of $26.25.

At our Northwest Highway location: Saturday we offer pick-up only between 7am - 12pm.

At our Wood Street location: Saturday we offer pick-up only between 8am - 2pm.

Sunday we offer pick-up only between 5pm - 6pm. Full-day charge will apply.

My dog requires medication while in overnight care; is that an issue?

This is not an issue. We will gladly administer medications to your dog while they are in our care. We may charge a small fee dependent on the number of medicines and the extensiveness of care needed. Medications must be in original prescription containers with all relevant information from the vet.

What should I bring for overnight care?

We will provide blankets, Kinn Kleanbowls, and durable toys.

Are there discounts on extended stays?

Yes, we do have 10 and 20 night package options which offer a discounted nightly rate. If you do not need all the days at once, you have 1 year to use the remaining days from the purchase date.

Is there a multiple dog discount?

We do offer a discount for dogs that are from the same family who can stay in the same kennel. Please give us a call to learn more.

What if my dog does not like other dogs?

No Problem! Some dogs, just like some people, are not comfortable in a crowd. Your dog will spend time in their own space and will get to play outside with one of our staff members during their stay. Our activities are tailored to fit your dog's needs.

Do you offer cage-free overnight care?

While there are pros and cons to crateless overnight care, according to the Illinois Department of Agriculture Animal Welfare Act, it is illegal to group-house animals unless they are owned by the same person and compatible. In compliance with this, A Closer Bond does not offer cage-free overnight care, but dogs that are from the same family have the option to stay together.

What might I expect when my pet comes home from overnight care?

Some dogs may be tired or even a little sore for a day or two after an enrichment program or overnight care with us. This is because most of them play hard and get a lot of exercise while they are here. It may be more than they are used to at home. The increase in activity may also increase their water intake. Don’t be alarmed if they want to drink more water than usual when they get home (though you should encourage them to drink slowly and small amounts at a time to prevent vomiting).

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