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Puppy education is more than just training; it lays the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship between you and your pup!

Training your new puppy begins the moment you set eyes on each other!

The secret to a confident and friendly companion is socialization. Don’t wait! The window of opportunity is short…Puppies learn a substantial percentage of their life-long beliefs during the first four months of their life. Teaching your Puppy skills during this time period will help to guarantee a strong and lasting relationship with your puppy for life!

A Closer Bond’s exclusive Puppy programs give your pup broad exposure to new people, places, objects, and sounds. Your puppy deserves the best opportunity to learn about the world in a safe, controlled environment in order to develop into a confident and happy adult! Learn more about each program below.


Puppy Preschool

For dogs 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age



3 Group Socialization Classes

Private Meeting with a Trainer after group class completion

2 Half-Day passes for Daycare at A Closer Bond

Puppy Manual and handouts

1 Proper Chew Toy


The first step for this program is to call and set up your private consultation! With our open enrollment policy, you can get started at any time. The group classes start weekly and are held on Saturday morning at 10:00am.

In your first consultation, we teach you how to solve common puppy problems like play biting and house training, and we also want to focus on your personal goals and concerns based on your puppy’s unique personality.


During the three group classes, you will continue working on developing good behaviors, manners, and social development, as well as get the support you need to stop any unwanted puppy behaviors. We want your puppy to be confident and comfortable around different people, places and objects.


After your family has completed your group classes we complete your program with your private meeting. Here we will cover any last-minute concerns to give you peace of mind knowing you are on the right track with your puppy.


Pair this with our Puppy Learn & Play Program for even more knowledge from a Professional Trainer to gain hands-on experience to grow with your puppy.


Puppy Learn & Play Program 

For dogs 8 weeks to 20 weeks of age



5 Full Days of Learning, Play, and Socializing

1 Group Trainer Lesson at the end of the training

2 Half-Day passes for Daycare at A Closer Bond

Do you have a new puppy who needs more social development and confidence in new environments? Need help teaching your puppy better manners? Looking to get a great head start with your pup? A Closer Bond's Learn & Play Puppy Program is your answer! 

Your pup will engage in daily social play with puppies of their own playstyle, temperament, and age while being trained in manners and obedience cues by our staff!


Your pup will come to A Closer Bond five times for a full day of learning, play and social development. While we encourage doing this program twice a week, you choose which days you want your puppy to attend. The purpose of the package is to provide exposure to a variety of people, places, objects, and sounds. From basic commands, grooming, agility, and proper play with humans to help your puppy grow into a well-mannered dog. All we ask is that you have your pup here by 9 am and pick up after 4 pm. Includes one group lesson at the end of your training to learn everything your puppy has. 

You can add extra days once your pup completes the program. This program is for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months old. Not ready to do the whole program? Individual days can be purchased.


We guarantee your pup will go home calmer and wiser!


Call today to enroll your puppy!

Tel: 847-358-7312 *1


Dog Training Center 550 W Wood St Unit 300

Palatine, IL

Is your puppy older than 20 weeks of age?

Check out our other programs, or call to ask about your options 847-358-7312 *1.

Gracie W's. Family

When we got Gracie at 8 weeks old, she was very shy and fearful of being touched by strangers. We tried to socialize her as much as possible at home, having her meet lots of visitors and taking her out within the neighborhood. Despite our efforts, at 14 weeks she got snippy and growly at a vet appointment. We knew we had to do more to help her. Luckily a friend recommended A Closer Bond and we quickly scheduled an evaluation. Gracie began attending the Puppy Day Training 3 days a week. Each day she attended training she had opportunity to socialize with other dogs and with lots of different people. The trainers personalized their approach for Gracie’s unique issues and over the course of two weeks we started to see steady improvements. We were so impressed with how well the trainers understood Gracie’s specific challenges and how they slowly, steadily and creatively worked to socialize her. She started to be excited to see her trainers and she’d even wag her tail and act like a happy puppy. We were also impressed that the trainers helped us develop approaches to real-life situations, such as returning to the vet. Three weeks after the challenging vet appointment which led us to A Closer Bond, we visited the vet again. This time, much to our delight, she was comfortable with the vet and tolerated her appointment without being stressed. The vet even commented that she acted like a totally different puppy. We will continue the socialization process for Gracie, but with A Closer Bond’s expertise to guide us, we are confident we are on the right path.