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Summer Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog

These activities are perfect to kick off summer with your four-legged best friend! The temperature is warm, the sun is up and outside is the place to be! We know you will want to include your dog in your summer adventures so here are some fun and safe summer activities to choose from where you can bring your pup along.

1. Dog Oriented Treasure Hunt

A fun way to spend the afternoon hiding your dogs favorite items or treats in a nearby park, then bringing them with to use their nose! This activity has enrichment and fun all rolled into one!

2. Splash Zone

Have fun with water in your yard and create your dog’s very own splash zone. You can get a doggy pool, use a sprinkler or just a spray nozzle on the hose. This is a great way to cool off on a hot, humid day.

3. Dinner Date

Now that the weather is nice, there are many restaurants offering outdoor seating on a patio. Check with your local restaurants to see if dogs are allowed and take your dog on a dinner date. For dog’s whose table manners need a little work, you can always plan a picnic in the park.

4. Hit the Beach!

Spend the say soaking up some rays and swimming with your furry friend. Check first to make sure the beach is dog friendly before you head out. Make sure to bring something to create shade for your pup when they need time to rest and relax, and be sure to bring plenty of drinking water.

5. Camping

Many state and national parks accommodate dogs in tent and cabin settings. Always check to make sure dogs are allowed wherever you go and be sure to have your dog updated with vaccines and flea and tick preventative. Camping is sure to be a blast when you can bring your four-legged best friend.

6. Farmer’s Market

Enjoy a summers day at the Farmer’s Market. Check with your local farmer’s market to make sure they allow dogs before you go and if there are any special rules you may need to follow. This is a good way to encounter some new sights and scents for your pup.

7. Share some frozen treats

Look for a local ice-cream parlor that makes dog friendly ice cream. You can also make your own frozen dog treats to give to your best friend while relaxing outside. Follow this link for a three-ingredient DIY homemade dog treat. Your canine companion will love these frozen treats. You don’t need anything besides a blender, some basic ingredients and a freezer.

8. Agility Class

Build confidence and create a stronger bond between you and your dog! The summer is a great time to take an agility class with your pup. Check our calendar for A Closer Bond’s next agility class date.

Make the most of summer by bringing your dog along for some adventures. Remember to check ahead of time to make sure your dog is allowed and always make sure your dog has access to fresh water and shade when you’re out and about. This summer make some memories that will last a lifetime.