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Puppy Socialization

What is puppy socialization?

Puppy socialization is the ongoing process of exposing your puppy to as many new experiences as you can while they are young enough to make positive connections with these experiences. Your job is to pay attention to how your puppy reacts in new situations with different people, places, noises and objects. They need your help to respond confidently!

Why is it important?

The objective behind socialization is helping your puppy become accustom to all types of sights, sounds, objects and smells in a positive way. Proper socialization can prevent a dog from being afraid of children, for example, or of riding in a car, and it will help them develop into the well-mannered, happy dog you want them to be! You have the ability to teach your pup how to respond instead of how to react in new situations.

Best time to start socializing?

From 7 weeks to 4 months of age, your puppy goes through a socialization period that will shape their personality in the future. After that, your pup’s attitude towards new situations and events and how they react are set and any fears not worked out will need to be managed.

Tips for Socializing

  1. Introduce new sights, sounds, smells and objects.

  2. Make it positive! You want to associate the new experience with fun and praise.

  3. Involve your family. Let your pup get accustomed to being handled by others and that they will experience new things no matter who they are with.

  4. Get your puppy used to being bathed and brushed, having their nails clipped, teeth brushed, and ears and other body parts examined and inspected by practicing these activities. This allows your pet to get comfortable being handled, making bath time and her visits to the vet and groomer easier on everyone.

  5. Go to Puppy Classes! At A Closer Bond we offer different options for puppies that will help them socialize, and give you guidelines for socialization, a socialization checklist, play-biting tips, help with problem behavior, a puppy manual, chew toy, and we integrate some fun games! You also get one on one time with our professional trainers! We are here to help strengthen the bond between you and your puppy and help you and your pup prepare for life in the future!