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Why Puppy Learning Programs Are So Important

We've have been working towards educating the community about healthy dog care from socialization, grooming, nutrition and more for over 25 years in Palatine, IL.

Our main goal in 2017 is to reach new puppy owners

The key to eliminating dogs into shelters, preventing aggression, and creating long, happy relationships between dogs and owners, is starting puppies off into the right Puppy Program. For some reason, it is also one of the toughest on our part to get it to click with the general public on why they should. Owners tend to focus more on putting out fires than preventing them when their dogs are young. It’s common to hear puppy owners express how great their puppies are, how easy, how free from problems they are, as the reason they don’t need to go to puppy class. We'll hear "the puppy is starting to tell us when they need to go potty, they don't bite nearly as hard as they used to and we're getting closer to them using a crate at night without crying." These are all great things, but there's more than that when truly building the framework of a confident puppy.

Puppies at 5 months of age. They're no longer puppies, they're teenagers

New smells, sights, and sounds will be suspicious and scary instead of something to be explored if they have not been provided with the proper skills right from the start. Basically, a puppy will go from being like a 5-year-old child to being like a 15-year-old kid in a matter of weeks. Can you imagine a 15-year-old kid who had not been to school, had never met any friends, and had no manners being expected to navigate the world?

These programs are setting puppies up for a success as an adult dog. Where many owners still feel a puppy course is an easy way for trainers to earn money on something most owners can do, when it's NOT. Trainers like ours develop such classes in the beginning for a life time of success. Prevention, planning and setting a dog up for success is always easier than trying to fix a problem that has already occurred. It’s easier for the dog and for the dog owner.

Well run puppy classes provide positive exposure to the most common doggy fears at a time when a dog is most open to those new experiences. Teaching them how to properly manage their emotions and confidence around new things. There is school for children and we know they need those skills to be better in life, so why don't you feel a dog should have the same opportunities to grow as a well educated and mannered adult dog?

A Closer Bond has developed two Puppy Programs to fit any lifestyle

Puppy Learn and Play Program

Your pup will engage in daily social play with puppies of their own play style, temperament and age while being trained in manners and obedience cues by our staff!

Your pup will come to A Closer Bond 5 times for a full day of learning, play and social development. While we encourage doing this program twice a week, you choose which days you want your puppy to attend. Then we meet with you to provide you the tools to continue at home along with dog day care while you are away.

Are you looking to be there every step of the way?

Saturday Puppy PreSchool

From play biting to nutrition you’ll have all the tools you need for proper puppy development and growth as a family. With hands on experience on how to socialize your pup with other dogs. Our Puppy PreSchool Program includes two private lessons and continue on with three group classes that are held on Saturday mornings at 10am.

You can choose to do one or pair both programs to reach the ultimate success from puppyhood to adulthood.

*We also provide our Puppy Learn and Play Program to local rescues for a discounted rate to help those that are currently in fosters homes to not wait a minute to long to a full, successful life. Call us for more details 847-358-7312