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Our clients love us! Read a selection of their comments to find out why.

Google Review

The group class here was fantastic and exactly what our dog needed. Thanks to everybody for making it such a memorable experience.

— Jason C.

Facebook Review

This place is great! The staff is super friendly, very clean environment. You can tell all the doggos truly love it here! I'm very happy I chose to bring my dog here for training. Not even a week in and I can already see a difference. Thank you all!!!

— Bree C.

Facebook Review

We took our dog, Paul, to A Closer Bond for the three-week off leash training. Lauren was his trainer. Paul is six months old now and behaves amazingly. We have been working on off-leash walks and he has mastered it. He listens to everything I tell him to do and really wants to work for us. I am amazed at how well they have trained a very hyper puppy without stopping him from still being a puppy and playing when it is time. This past weekend I had my kids playing basketball around him while he just laid in his "place" without being distracted. The price we paid really represented a great value. Additionally, we are allowed to attend future training classes to keep up on his skills.

— Matt W.

Google Review

This is the best dog boarding in Illinois! The staff is very attentive and professional! Very loving on my puppy Lily and my little dog feels amazing there every time I use their service! Very highly recommend! Btw, I heard dog training there is awesome too!

— Veselka R.

Yelp Review

Love this place - they are professional and truly show affection for our dogs when we drop them off every day. Katy (the owner) is working hard to bring the latest training techniques and fitness programs to A Closer Bond to assure our fur kids are well cared for, challenged and above all else - loved!

— Kat G.

Facebook Review

We brought our Luke here for the first time over the holiday. Staff is extremely friendly and our fur son loves it here. Thank you for everything A Closer Bond.

— Sam E.

Facebook Review

We took our 7-month old dog Beau to A Closer Bond for a three-week residential training course. He was really struggling to behave and fit in our family and around other dogs before we brought him. We picked up a well-trained and more content dog that we now all enjoy and appreciate. The owner-based training that was included us has allowed us to be well equipped and very comfortable with handling and enjoying Beau as well. Plus, we have the ability to attend weekly distraction classes that we all (Beau included) enjoy and benefit from. We don’t know what we would have done without A Closer Bond!

— Susan H.

Facebook Review

We were impressed by the sincerity everyone showed when we brought our very skittish stubborn rescue dog to begin his 3-week plus training program ‘school’ without us. As difficult as it was, we are thrilled at how much he learned. The staff kept us informed of his progress and sometimes lack of cooperation, but they never gave up on him. We are very happy to have had him become A Closer Bond participant/family member.

— Augie S.

Google Review

I cannot recommend this place highly enough. Growing up, we had always used them to train our family dogs and they always did a phenomenal job. So much so, that when it came time to train my new pup, we chose to drive ten hours from Mississippi just so we could get the same quality of training. Oakley has been absolutely amazing ever since we got him back from his off-leash training. Not only in the general commands that they trained, but really just his overall demeanor. He is generally sweeter and a much more obedient dog now (in and out of command); he cares so much more about human affirmation and being a good boy. We live in a neighborhood with upwards of 50 outdoor dogs who often run up to him, and yet we have no problems when we take him on a 30 minute off-leash walk everyday. Mark, Alice, and Katie did such a wonderful training and caring for our boy and we could not be more grateful. I have already recommended two family members who will likely be taking their pups there shortly!

— Jake A.

Facebook Review

I have had 5 of my own dogs and a foster dog trained by them. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for training.

— Cathy G.

Google Review

Best dog training facility in the NW suburbs... no other compared to their exceptional training, boarding or daycare.

— Thomas G.

Facebook Review

Working with Katy has been an exceptional experience. Although I know both our dogs prefer the couch in our family room - when I drop them off every day - they are happy and excited to spend time in the care of the thoughtful folks at A Closer Bond. Would not take them anywhere else.

— Kathy G.

Facebook Review

A kind and loving staff who are committed to our furry family members! It's really nice to have Rosie come home ready for a nap!

— Spencer J.

Google Review

This place was amazing, they helped my dog so much. I gave them a challenge of having a special needs dog with a brain issue who was starting to become way too much to handle. Sent her there for two weeks and she’s a new well-behaved dog. I’m still in shock at how much she learned in a little time. Thank you to John and Cody for training Bunny.

— Ashley K.

Facebook Review

The staff at A Closer Bond love dogs so much!! Every time someone sees Jack, he is petted and loved on like he was their dog! Jack went to their off-leash training program and is such a well- trained boy! It takes work on my part to keep up his training, but the support given as I learn how to be a better dog owner is phenomenal!

— Susan P.

Google Review

Words can’t even begin to describe how grateful we are. We adopted a rescued AmStaff (pit bull) who was overbred and abused for her first three years, but is the sweetest dog ever. We did the 2-week on-leash training with her to start, and it was great to have a language to speak to her in. We have done the off-leash and are about to complete therapy training. On top of that, because our Mojave needs a little support learning that she can play with dogs and doesn’t have to worry about being violently mated with them without so much as dinner and a movie, they have been wonderful working on playgroups and other socialization efforts. They’re always looking out for her well-being, giving us pointers and feedback about her care and interaction with her. Lauren, Alex, Kevin, Linda, and each and every one of the staff clearly cares for Mo and love on her constantly. They’re simply awesome.

— Todd & Beth S.

Facebook Review

These are the most caring, educated people I have ever met with regard to training and boarding your fur babies.

— Brett S.

Facebook Review

My dog, Buff, is a rescue. He has his own personality. But the staff and trainers at A Closer Bond really know dogs and how to train them properly. Buff loves it there and comes home tired and happy. John and Katie and the rest of the staff are professionals who can work with any dog from any background. I wouldn’t take Buff anywhere else for daycare/boarding.

— Darlene G.

Facebook Review

Our dog was a complete nightmare. She ran all over the house, wouldn’t walk on a leash, would not listen, jumped all over people coming in the door. After her 3 week “boot camp” at A Closer Bond she listens to us, is MUCH calmer in the house. She sits and waits at the door. We’re still working on walking on the leash, but she is so much easier to handle now. It’s a process. I needed to learn how to train her too. The trainers are wonderful, and I am very happy with my decision to send her to the 3-week training.

— Lauren W.

Facebook Review

I love how the staff interact with the fur babies! And they look so happy! Chase was excited when I dropped him off. I like how they share pictures of the day's activities.

— Cassandra T.

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Our highly-trained staff and unique approach to training makes A Closer Bond stand ahead of the others. Our staff is certified through Pet Tech Canine CPR, PACCC Petcare Providers, IBPSA, The Dog Gurus, among others.

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