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Call for more info! 847-358-7312 *1
*Must register in advance, class sizes limited



Fit with Fido

Our introduction class is the most basic class we offer for individuals. Familiarize yourself with our space, get a great workout and pawsitive training while seeing what our fitness classes are all about. This class is geared for people of all fitness levels, even the novice, and a great starting point for people looking to get back in shape! 


Your fur-child will have so much fun with this unique and fun approach to agility. This class challenges both dog and owner's mental and physical skills through obstacle course work from games, hurdles, scale ramps, burst through tunnels, to games of see- saw and pole weaves. 

K9 Fitness

Not enough time in the day or feel your dog needs a bit more exercise, our Master K9 Fitness Trainer will take your dog’s fitness to the next level with cardio, practicing strength and agility exercises all while they are at daycare!! 




We are dedicated to creating good health, fitness, and wellness of dogs and their people! Our programs offer the time-saving aspect of working out with your dog while in a fun, safe and controlled environment. We are a proven and pawsitive method of health and wellness for you and your dog. With a variety of programs at both ends of the leash, you will find workouts for the young, to the young at heart, with everybody welcome! You will find your family, friends and a community, with plenty of muttivation! 


Located in Palatine, IL, A Closer Bond has been the number one, all-inclusive place for dogs and their families since 1994. We are dedicated to bringing fun and enriching activities to help you strengthen the bond between you and your dog, and our fitness classes are another great addition! Classes are designed to strengthen, condition and tone your body as well as provide strength, stability, flexibility, and dexterity for your four-legged friend. This is the perfect place for anyone to begin the journey to health and wellness. No matter where you are, your best friend and our trainers will be by your side!


Debbie Sciortino

Katy Cushing


Gale T.

Our dog has been coming to A Closer Bond for over 7 years!  We could not be happier with his treatment and exercise that he gets there twice a week.  If we didn’t live in way out Woodstock, we would be there daily!


Last fall, our dog, Walter, started limping so we took him to our veterinarian for a check up.  After X-rays and exams, they determined he may have a torn ACL on his right rear leg.  The date was set and we prepared to spoil him for weeks after his surgery. A kind young man from A Closer Bond, reached out and called me to discuss his surgery as his dog had already had the same. He was VERY helpful.

We took Walter in one morning and a few hours later I received a call from the vet office that it was determined that HE did NOT have an ACL problem and most likely it is arthritis causing his pain and limping.  Our vet office calls in Dr. Lloyd Shaw (a retired expert in ortho treatments/surgeries for dogs, especially bully breeds).  Dr. Shaw examined Walter and his x rays then canceled the surgery. He felt it was unnecessary and could be treated without the risk of surgery.  Walter had been SHAVED and prepped, but we were thrilled.


Since October, Walter has had a few injections and several Laser treatments. First, it was weekly and now we are down to monthly laser and no injections. It was about November that I kept reading about fitness held at A. Closer Bond with Deb. Walter’s girlfriend had been taking classes and I thought maybe Walter could benefit. Deb accepted Walter knowing his past leg problems and we could not have been happier with his progress.  He’s happier, he definitely moves much better and after about a month of bi-weekly fitness with Deb (and the GF!), his vet tech said she could notice his spine and his weak leg getting better. I asked if we could continue the fitness and she said YES!  She also checked with his vet and she agreed as well.  We just saw Dr. Shaw in passing at the vet office last week and he said he was thrilled after discussing Walter’s progress with his regular vet. He feels he’s doing well without the surgery.


Many times, Deb meets me at the door of A Closer Bond and she discusses what he’s doing and how he is reacting.  WE all appreciate her kindness and the effort she gives for our dog and her job. We feel fortunate that he’s doing fitness and we thank Deb and A Closer Bond for the constant attention and dedication to helping our pets.