It’s more than just training, it’s a way of life!

Imagine your dog listening to you every time, behaving even when faced with distractions. This no longer has to be a dream, let's make it a reality! You and your pets can enjoy training at our 8,000 sq. ft. training center located at 550 W. Wood St. Unit 300 Palatine, IL 60067.



Being a pet parent can be a 10-15 year commitment, so you want to trust your dog’s training to a highly experienced and certified dog center. A Closer Bond only hires professional and certified trainers for all training, obedience, behavior modification and specialty training so you can rest assured, you are in great hands. 

The focus at A Closer Bond is training each individual dog based on its unique personality, aptitude, and attention span, which we discover during our time together. Dogs, just like us humans, learn best when positive reinforcement and ample motivation are used alongside redirection to guide your dog through life's distractions. All of our educational programs strive to bring out the best in each unique dog and teach you the skills necessary to bring out the best in your pet and ensure they are well-behaved at all times.​

The first step for any of our training is to set up a FREE EVALUATION for you and your dog to come in and meet with one of our trainers. Obedience training is for dogs older than 4 months.


During the evaluation you and the trainer can discuss your goals and concerns and the trainer will also be able to work with your dog for a few minutes since every dog is unique. We want you to feel confident about the training and see first hand the possibilities you and your dog can have with us.


Our programs can include:

  1. Private Lesson Programs

  2. Residency Programs

  3. On-Leash & Off-Leash Training

  4. Behavior Modification

  5. Rehabilitation

  6. Levels Classes

  7. Therapy Training

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We also offer a variety of fun and engaging group classes to continue strengthening the bond between you and your dog.


  • Agility Class

  • Retrieval Class

  • Tracking Class

  • Therapy Class

  • K9 Fitness



  • Tricks Class

  • Beginner Obedience

  • Rally Obedience

  • Scent Detection


Click here to see what classes we are currently offering!


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