It's more than just boarding, it's your dog's home away from home!

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Drop off & Pick Up

  • We are open Monday-Friday 7:00am-6:00pm & Saturday 7:00am-12:00pm. You can drop off anytime during these hours, but we do suggest dropping off by 3:00pm to ensure your pup has proper time to acclimate, relax, play, have dinner and release some more energy before bedtime.

  • Pickup is before 10:00am Monday - Friday. If you need to pick up after 10:00am there will be an additional half-day charge of $26.25.

  • At our 842 location: Saturday we offer pick-up only between 7:00am - 12:00pm.

  • At our 550 location: Saturday we offer pick-up only between 8:00am - 2:00pm.

  • Sunday we offer pick-up only between 5:00pm - 6:00pm. A full-day charge will apply.

  • There are no holiday pick-ups or drop-offs. Please note an additional $10 holiday fee will apply when your dog stays over a holiday.

    • Holidays we are closed: ​New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

ADD-ONS your pup is sure to love: 

  • Bedtime Biscuit and Belly Rub 

    • Your pet's Pet Care Counsellor will spend some quality time settling your pup in for the night with some soothing words, gentle belly rubs, ending with a bedtime cookie.

  • Cuddle Time 

    • One of our Pet Care Counsellors will sit quietly with your pup to provide lots of special cuddles as they relax and soak in all of the individual attention they so deserve.

  • Canine Massage 

    • Your pet deserves a little TLC! Our Massage Experts revitalize your pup's spirit with a professional massage from nose to tail. They are also great for older pets to keep their muscles and joints in great shape.

  • Extra Walk 

    • A private 30-minute walk with one of our trained Pet Care Counsellors.

  • Fitness for Fido! Prices vary, select from a list of options.

    • This is one of the most exciting activities that meet your dog's needs through physical, mental and emotional exercise. These sessions are guaranteed to entertain your furry pal!

  • Refresher Training 

    • Practice previously taught obedience commands.

  • Refresher Training 4 pack 

    • Practice previously taught obedience commands - 4 separate sessions.

  • Story Time 

    • One of our Pet Care Counsellors will sit quietly with your pup and read aloud to them as they relax and soak in all of the individual attention they so deserve. Cuddles, kisses, and snuggles are complimentary with the service.

  • Stuffed Kong 

    • Keep your furry friend busy in their guest suite with a fully stuffed frozen Kong filled with peanut butter.

  • Trick of the Month 

    • Professional Trainer introduces a new trick to your dog and practices during your dog's stay.



  • Nail Trim 

    • Nail Trim for your furry family member to keep them healthy, happy and safe.

  • Brush Out 

    • A thorough 15-minute brushing to keep your dog's coat healthy. This does not include de-matting.

  • Express Bath 

    • Have one of our Pet Care Counsellors give your pup a bath before heading home! This does not include blow-drying or a full brush out.




Our traditional boarding service with daycare included in your pup’s stay. Our staff loves your dog just as much as you and can’t wait to give them the best treatment while here with us! Your dog is sure to love meeting new friends and getting to play in our multiple outdoor yards.

This package includes 6 outs and 2 playgroups each day. For dogs who don’t prefer social play and would prefer the company of people, 2 individual outings and one on one time is given to your pup! 


Our Silver Package is a great choice to keep your dog busy during their stay! This package includes everything the Bronze has to offer plus the option to pick two rest and recover activities: A treat-filled Kong, Nylabone, Storytime, Belly Rub & Biscuit.  


Rest and recovery is just as important as having physical activity in your dog’s day! Give them a fun and relaxing activity to do while they rest - we know they are sure to love this package! 


The best of the best! Our Gold package includes everything from the Silver Package plus the daily enrichment activities such as agility, fitness class, scent detection, or basic obedience commands. These Enrichment Activities meet your pet's mental and emotional needs as well as physical! Each pet is unique and we customize the activities to fit your pet's needs. 

This package is available to SIRIUS Members. Non-SIRIUS Member have the option to pay $30 for the month to access this package. 

Please call our Community Center office at 847-358-7312 *2 for pricing and more details.

Enjoy peace of mind while you’re away because here at A Closer Bond, we know that your dog is family and we take their care very seriously. We don’t just provide boarding for your furry family member, we provide love and support until you return. You can trust our dog boarding services for your next getaway!

All Breeds Welcome

Accommodate Special Pets

1 Handler per 10-14 Dogs

Safety is a top priority

No Hidden Charges

Trained Dog Handlers


  • Independent Kennel

  • Bedding and Blankets

  • Kinn Kleanbowls

  • Durable toys to play with

  • Socialization time with dog friends & Pet Care Technicians

  • Lots of love and attention!

  • Photos of the dogs at play on our Facebook page.

    • While we try to capture each dog's day of fun, some days we may not be able to capture each dog in our care. 


  • Updated vaccination paperwork if needed. (We do not require the bordetella vaccine, but if your dog has received it, there is a 10 day waiting period before you can bring them to the facility.)

  • Owners are to provide their dogs own food that is pre-bagged, per meal and labeled with their name on it for their stay if possible. Just like kids going to overnight camp, label, label, label. We have a large refrigerator and microwave for necessary meals

  • Please know the brand name and flavor of your dogs food at the time of check-in.

  • Any medications if applicable. Please make sure they  are clearly labeled with your dog's name, name of medication and dosage instructions.

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