All dogs need to learn their ABC's and 123's but who is teaching them? Do you want a novice teacher or a well educated and highly experienced one? A dog is a 10-15 year commitment, what kind of relationship do you want to develop with your pet? Do you want your dog to respond only when you have a dog treat in hand or respond reliably to your voice? We make obedience become a way of life even in the face of distractions without the need of any other motivation than yourself! Your dog's obedience will be so reliable that we Guarantee it!

All Trainers have Certification for obedience and specialty training through National K9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus Ohio. This is the only school known that certifies through the State School Board and is held to specific requirements. We focus on training each individual dog based on it's unique personality - no cookie cutter method here! We teach dogs through a balanced approach with verbal and physical praise and lots of motivation to respond correctly. Our body language and tone of voice play an integral role in keeping dogs motivated and having fun. Dogs want to stay focused on us as we motivate them and redirect them into better behavior responses. As your dog begins to learn consequences, s/he learns the rules of obedience and begins to value praise. A dog who values praise is more willing to do what we want! Stop by for a demonstration of obedience any time or set up a time to bring your pet in for a free evaluation!

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