Training with your new puppy begins the moment you set eyes on each other! Who is going to be trained, you or your puppy? Train them before they train you!!!!

Did you know the optimal time to begin training your pet begins at 8 weeks of age? This is because your pet learns from you 24/7 and is like a sponge and will absorb information with or without your intention to teach. While prevention is one key ingredient in raising a pup to be the dog of your dreams unintentional training leads to undesired behavior problems. Games like rough housing and tug of war, which seem like they are fun, can teach your pup to be competitive later in life and to not trust people reaching for them. Your pet can develop fears of people as s/he goes through one of the last fear stages at 8 months of age.

Think of it this way. Your pup's social developmental stage ends at about 4 - 4 1/2 months of age. You have a few good weeks to focus on teaching your pup how to respond to new people, place, objects, sounds, and situations so s/he can become a calm and relaxed pet. This is what we teach in our preschool.

Our unique Puppy Preschool Program begins with a private consultation for you and your family with one of our professional trainers to focus on your pup's unique personality and all your concerns. It continues with 4 group sessions that focus on proper social development, educational and fun games to play with your pup, targeting commands, puppy topics and important puppy activities. You learn the skills needed to raise your individual puppy in todays world.

One of the biggest keys in developing a well-rounded happy, calm, confident and obedient pet is to focus first and foremost on developing good and proper social skills around all types of people, new places, and different objects. Socializing is not just about letting your puppy meet new people, it's about your pup's reaction to the world and how you can help him or her learn the skills to respond properly. Some pups jump up, some shy away. In either case this is not the behavior we desire! Your job is to teach our puppy how to handle these situations properly and we are here to help you.

The Private Consulatation:

From the very first appointment with your certified professional trainer, you will gain great skills and knowledge about your puppy's personality and the best possible way to develop him/her into the dog of your dreams!! We begin our Preschool program with a PRIVATE CONSULTATION set up at your convenience. Your trainer will discuss house training issues, play biting issues, leash name it, your trainer will assist you.

The Group Classes:

Each of the four group classes are designed to focus on different handling skills, setting your puppy up to be successful in life. From Pass the Puppy, to Open Questions, to Adventures and Activities with your Puppy, these group classes are fun and informative and include the whole family!!

The best part about our classes is that you don't have to wait to sign up!! Our classes are set up for an open enrollment. Once you complete the initial consultation, you can join the class at any time!!!

Currently our class is held on Saturdays at 10:00 - 11:15 and you have an option to stay after class for puppy social time where your puppy can romp and play in our play yards with their classmates. The cost of our preschool is only $145 and we apply $50 to future training programs. We begin training with puppies from 8 weeks of age through 4 - 4 1/2 months. We require that your puppy is current on vaccinations and has been in your home for a minimum of 10 days before joining the group class. The consultation can begin prior to the 10 days because it is an individual training session!

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