It is a privilege to own a dog. This privilege comes with the responsibility to meet your pet's most basic needs as well as providing a well rounded education that includes social development, commands for safety, and learning how to teach your pet to live in our human world.

A Closer Bond Dog Training School, Inc. has several options available when it comes to training your pet. From individual private lessons, residency training programs or group classes, A Closer Bond has a program for you! And to be sure you found the best place to train with your pet, all Obedience Trainers are required to have professional certification for training! National K9 is currently the only Professional School for Dog trainers that can certify trainers through the local School Board.

Why Obedience Training?

Typically only 30% of dogs remain in their original home. Many new and novice dog owners are unsure of how to train their new pup to fit into their home. Many seasoned dog owners have forgotten about the first few years with a puppy! As an uneducated puppy reaches 6 - 7 months of age they can become difficult to own due to unwanted destructive behaviors, over activity, house training issues, aggression issues and so on.

Education programs such as our Puppy PreSchool and akc's Puppy S.T.A.R. programs are designed to support new puppy owners as well as seasoned dog owners as they raise their new pet to become the dog of their dreams. Obedience Programs that serve you individually such as our Residency Programs and Private Lesson Programs are specific to each unique family. Once your dog has a solid understanding of commands then it is fair to join group classes such as our Distraction Class or Group Play where you gain confidence in your pet's ability to respond to commands in any distracting situation!

Training doesn't stop there either. Beyond the necessary Obedience Training continuing your dog's education will only continue to enhance your relationship and keep your pet's mind sharp and tuned in to you and your family! You can continue your dog's education and train for Agility, Flyball or Rally Obedience, title your dog with a Companion Dog championship, train to become a Therapy Dog or test for the Canine Good Citizen test. Retrieval Training is the precursor to Search and Rescue work as well as Service Dog training and Police Dog Training which are all available at A Closer Bond. The bottom line is we want your dog to be the envy of the neighborhood. We want people to ask you where you did training and how can they do the same!

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