You and your dog's success is what drives us! We want you to enjoy your dog and to be happy and we want your dog to understand you and know how to make you happy! All of our training begins with a FREE evaluation!

Evaluations allow us to sit down with you at a convenient time for you and discuss your concerns about your pet. Your professional certified trainer will gather important information from you about your dog and then will take time to train and get to know your dog. This is important because it allows your trainer to explore your dog's current understanding of commands and to discover your dog's unique personality. At A Closer Bond, we train dogs based on their own personality! We don't use any cookie cutter methods! While your trainer is working with your pet, you will experience first hand the approach that will work best in educating your pet and you will see real results in gaining your dogs attention and trust!

After working several minutes with your dog, your trainer will demonstrate obedience either with their own dog or one that is almost done with its training. Here you will get a taste of what your pet will do for you once proper training is completed!!! You can even work the trained dog if you want to!

Once we complete the evaluation and orientation, you can choose which level of training you would like your dog to complete. From a basic foundation and introduction to commands on leash through advanced and off leash training for the safety of your pet, we can help you reach your goals!!!

Use the form below to contact us about your dog.